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Cycle of Seasons

Cycle of Seasons

Cycle of Seasons

vernal equinox
pollen's proliferation
spring's rebirth affirmed

busy bees buzzing
beautiful birds building nests
winters gloom erased

seeds take root
blossoms bloom-birdsong elates
spring nears its end

summer solstice
verdant landscape-sandy beach
families frolic

summer showers
heat and humidity reign
sunlight lingers

temperatures lag
cheerful chirping of crickets
summer’s last gasp

autumnal equinox
turning leaves-migrating birds
autumn morning chill

leaf peeping pastime
harvest cornucopia
nighttime lingers

fall’s first killing frost
season of melancholy
cold of winter near

winter solstice
bare trees and hibernation
don’t risk bleeding lips

gardens lie fallow
mice attempting entry
long, cold nights

snowfall melts
winter gives way to spring
first mosquito bite


Copyright © 2018 Mark Toney | All rights reserved

Poet's notes:

Poetry form: haiku (series)

I decided to write a series of haiku (3 haiku per season) chronicling the "Cycle of Seasons."  My intention was to simply include the 12 haiku in one poem.  When it came time to post,  I thought it might be too busy having all 12 in one poem, so I created 4 poems to represent each season.  Now I've included all 12 haiku in one poem, as I originally intended and now prefer.  So now you know the method to my madness 🙂



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