March 2019 Favorite Poem & Poet

The Moon | by Jorge Luis Borges

       To Maria Kodama

There is such loneliness in that gold.
The moon of the nights is not the moon
Whom the first Adam saw.  The long centuries
Of human vigil have filled her
With ancient lament.  Look at her.
She is your mirror.


Jorge Francisco Isidoro Luis Borges (24 August 1899 – 14 June 1986), was an Argentine short-story writer, essayist, poet and translator, and a key figure in Spanish-language literature. His best-known books, Ficciones (Fictions) and El Aleph (The Aleph), published in the 1940s, are compilations of short stories including dreams, labyrinths, libraries, mirrors, fictional writers, philosophy, and religion. His international reputation bloomed in the 1960s, that lead to his works being available in English. He became blind by the age of 55, and since he never learned braille, he became unable to read. Scholars have suggested that his blindness helped him to create innovative literary symbols through imagination.

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