Heroes & Zeros

 As of April 14, 2020, when I wrote this poem, global cases of coronavirus exceeded 1.8 million, and deaths topped 113,000.  What a difference a month made, long enough to know who the "heroes" are and to see the "zeros" starting to take advantage of the pandemic . . .  

Heroes & Zeros

Among mankind's best—
Brave, courageous
Heroes who do no harm
Assuaging our fear
With fellow feeling and care
Amidst viral strains' stealthy swarm

Among mankind's worst—
Mean, dastardly
Zeros who do know harm
Stoking pandemic fear
Scamming an unsuspecting ear
With a smiling swindler's charm

Heroes and Zeros
Best and worst of mankind—

What a dichotomy!
We'll keep hoping instead
For a bright future ahead
Daily coping with anxiety


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