It's Your Upper Lip

When I was just a lad
When smelling something bad
I'd go right to my mother
"Mom, I hate to be a bother...
But tell me, please, what is it?"

     "It's your upper lip."

"My upper lip?" said I
You make me want to cry.
"Oh don't you go and choke,
You must see it's a joke!"
"Please explain to me, do tell
Our upper lips don't smell!"

    "When you smell a read bad stink
      And someone asks you what you think
     What's right below your nose?
     Quick now, everybody knows."

My face couldn't get redder
I started feeling better.
I couldn't help but giggle
My upper lip did wiggle.
Jumping up and down with glee
I said "I see, I see, I see..."

Ever since that funny day
When someone comes my way
Asking "That awful smell, what is it?"
My reply is always quick,

"It's your upper lip!"


Poet's notes:
Poetry form: Rhyme


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