Never Satisfied

Seems like we're never satisfied.  If you're an adolescent you want to be an adult.  If you're older you want to be younger.  And on and on and on.  Why can't we just be content and enjoy what we have at any given time?  

Never Content

Younger wanting to be older

Older wanting to be young

Child wishing to be bigger 

Bigger wishing to be thinner

Teen wanting a clearer face

Clearer face wanting a better body

People lamenting bad hair days

Bad hair days replaced with no hair days. . .

We diss what we have

Wish for what we lack

When what we have is gone

What we'd give to have it back!

Youthful desires future yearning

Future bearing down like a train

Elders' past memories unnerving

Hit by a train never the same

Poetry form: Free Verse


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