Robin Hood

 Are you familiar with the Bio Poetry form?  Here is my first attempt at a bio poem.  I must admit, some of it is true and some of it is contrived.  Can you guess which is which?


Kind husband, vigilant father, loving son, mischievous brother

Brother of Lizard and Kippie-Bombs

Lover of Kahtabeak, Danbug and Benbot

Who feels joyful, happy and satisfied

Who fears brown recluse spiders, level 4 biohazards and tsunamis

Who would like to see an end to war, famine and death

Resident of Sherwood Forest


Poetry notes:

Poetry form:  Bio  -A poem written about one self's life, personality traits, and ambitions.

Bio Poem Format:

Line 1: First name
Line 2: Four traits that describe you
Line 3: Brother/ Sister of ... (may substitute son/daughter of)
Line 4: Lover of ... (Give names of three people or ideas)
Line 5: Who feels ... (Give three feelings)
Line 6: Who fears ... (Give three items)
Line 7: Who would like to see ... (Give three items)
Line 8: Resident of ... (Give city and state)
Line 9: Last name only


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