Slogan Shebang

No matter how long we've lived we all have a life full of advertising slogans, rhymes and jingles floating around our brains, manifesting themselves when we least expect it.  So I wrote a poem that tries to organize such into a stream of consciousness.  Enjoy!


Got a plop in my fizz
And a tiger in my tank
Impossible is nothing
(That's why Titanic sank)

Got milk? Just do it.
Wash your troubles down the drain
Tastes so good
Cats ask for it by name

Eat fresh. I'm lovin' it.
It's finger-lickin' good
If you won't eat it
We all know Mikey would

Once you pop you can't stop
Make the most of now
Eat Mor Chikin'
(That was written by a cow)

Every bubble's passed its fizzical
Let's get quizzical
Nothin' says lovin'
Like something from the oven

Snap! Crackle! Pop!
They're Gr-r-r-reat!
Just like a good neighbor
In good hands with Allstate

Look, Ma, no cavities!
Think outside the bun.
Save money. Live better.
Consider IT done

Melts in your mouth
Not in your hands
(Life's what happens
While you're making other plans)

American by birth.
Rebel by choice.
Hello Moto
His masters voice

Maybe she's born with it
Have it your way
A diamond is forever
Every kiss begins with Kay

You've come a long way baby
Be all that you can be
A little dab'll do ya
With L.S./M.F.T.

Own a piece of the rock
Where do you want to go today?
We make money
The old-fashioned way...

When you care enough
To send the very best
Oh, what a feeling!
Come be our guest!

Live in your world
Play in ours
Get N or get out
For the love of cars

You can't top the copper top
Easy as Dell
He keeps going and going...
Go further with Shell

When there is no tomorrow
Bo knows best
Think small. Make believe.
Makes quitting suck less

Stronger than dirt
How do you spell relief?
Success. It's a mind game.
Defying all belief

Challenge everything
Share moments. Share life.
Because you're worth it
Save a life. Love your wife.



Poetry notes:

This isn't a footle, but it is a flight of fancy.  Booyah!



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